Paul Dyason

A dear friend and recurrent performer at The Winter Solstice, Paul Dyason is another talented homegrown songwriter and co-lead singer for beloved Albury band The Northern Folk. Paul’s contemplative, honest, and nuanced lyricism is a hallmark of his songs for both his independent project and for his band. We look forward to welcoming Paul back […]

Anna Leeworthy

A local known to the Albury community, Anna Leeworthy is a vibrant young independent artist whose relatability and candid storytelling has resonated with audiences around Australia. With equal attention paid to the visual world and elements of her project, Anna wields creativity to connect, in particular, to other young women like her. Her singles have […]

Eliza Hull

Eliza Hull is a singer-songwriter and accessibility advocate within and beyond the music industry. She has performed at the Sydney Opera House, Ability Fest, Forum Theatre, Hamer Hall, NYE On The Hill, as well as internationally. Eliza’s resonant single ‘Running Underwater’ debuted on Q&A, and speaks to her lived experience with the hereditary condition Charcot-Marie-Tooth. […]

Nam Le

Nam Le is a Vietnamese-born Australian writer, whose award winning works in fiction, poetry, essay, stage and screenplays have connected with a global audience. His most recent work, ‘36 WAYS OF WRITING A VIETNAMESE POEM’, contends with personal and political challenges around identity tied to his experience as a refugee. Nam’s debut novel ‘THE BOAT’, […]

Osher Günsburg

For over 20 years, Osher Günsberg has been a prolific host and Australian TV personality, having worked on shows from Australian Idol to The Masked Singer – but this hasn’t stopped him from having candid conversations around his own mental health. His book ‘Back After the Break’ and award-winning documentary ‘Osher Günsberg: A Matter of […]

Danielle Laidley

Danielle Laidley is one of Australia’s most prominent transgender advocates. A former AFL player and one of the league’s youngest ever senior coaches, Danielle has a unique perspective and insight on the challenges and mental burden trangender people often bear, especially under public scrutiny. Danielle’s powerful 2022 memoir ‘Don’t Look Away’ explores the lived experience […]