Georgie Dent

Georgie Dent is a journalist, editor, and a prominent advocate for women’s empowerment, gender equality, and mental health. She is a contributing editor of Women’s Agenda, and the executive director of The Parenthood, a not-for-profit advocacy movement. She is a regular television commentator on The Drum and ABC Weekend Breakfast, and has made appearances on The Project, The Today Show, Q&A, Weekend Sunrise, Studio 10 and Sky News.

Georgie’s acclaimed best-selling memoir, Breaking Badly, reveals a decline towards her total breakdown, her admission to a psychiatric hospital at age 24, as well as her recovery. Described as ‘brutally honest and warmly engaging’, her book covers chronic illness, mental health, and the toxic pursuit of perfectionism. Georgie also has a personal connection to suicide, with the loss of her nephew deeply affecting her family.

Georgie Dent’s Winter Solstice 2021 Speech