Jennifer Watterson

Still taken from the 2013 Winter Solstice event video

Jennifer Watterson’s life was forever changed the day that her eldest brother, Carl, made a decision to take his own life. As the next of kin called in to identify her brother’s body, she suffered from PTSD and intense grief for years afterwards.As a practicing Mental Health Nurse herself, Jennifer felt that she could have done more. “In reality”, says Jennifer, “there was nothing I could do… I stood by and watched my family fracture at the seams, as I did, eventually, until I learned to find peace.” 

In the wake of this tragedy and following the death of her father, Jennifer found solace in running. With her husband at her side, she discovered a new life of fitness, focus and freedom. The pair have become elite athletes in the sport of ultra running, having completed several 50km runs, and two 100km runs. Through running, Jennifer believes she has finally found a path of joy and comfort, and peace and acceptance around her brother’s death.