Nic Newling

Photo Credit: Manifeasto Photography

Nic Newling is an outspoken advocate for suicide prevention and mental health awareness. Regularly speaking internationally at industry conferences, educational institutions, and workplaces, Nic has reached millions of people through varied media, from radio to social media. Nic is an ambassador for Movember, Australia Day, R U OK? Day, and the Australian Mental Health Prize.

The three brothers of the Newling family, where Nic is the youngest, endured some harrowing battles with mental health. In 2002, after a bout of depression he found difficult to talk about, Christopher Newling died by suicide. Nic was subsequently diagnosed with bipolar disorder – and from that point, his philosophy became one that champions sharing and listening to encourage conversations around suicide prevention and mental health.

Nic Newling Winter Solstice 2016 Speech