Sam Johnson (OAM)

Sam Johnson (OAM) is an actor, self-professed cancer vanquisher, Gold Logie Winner and 2018 Victorian Australian of the Year. Sam’s mother died by suicide when he was three years old, after several attempts. This brought him closer to his sister, Connie.

In 2013, Sam started an initiative to educate all women about the importance of breast cancer awareness by unicycling 15,465 kilometres around Australia. From this, he and his sister Connie Johnson OAM created the Love Your Sister village – a fundraising organisation and support group that has over 500,000 followers. Though Connie tragically lost her battle to cancer in 2017, Love Your Sister has now raised over $7 million for cancer research.

Last year Sam publicly announced he is suspending his acting career to focus entirely on raising funds and awareness for cancer research. With the recent passing of Connie to terminal cancer, he is now committed more than ever to reaching his target goal of $10 million raised by Love Your Sister.

Sam Johnson (OAM)  Winter Solstice 2018 Speech