Sue Murray

“In 2010, 36 million years of healthy life were lost to suicide across the globe. In that same year, suicide took more lives than war, murder and natural disasters combined.” 

Sue Murray opened her Winter Solstice address in 2013 with this powerful statistic. From 2012 to 2018, Sue was the CEO of Suicide Prevention Australia – the national peak body for the suicide prevention sector. She worked to build a stronger suicide prevention sector by developing collaborative partnerships to raise awareness and undertake education and advocating for a better policy and funding environment. She is now the Managing Director of the Zero Suicide Institute of Australasia, advocating for improved management of suicidality within healthcare systems and alternative pathways to emergency departments for those who are experiencing a mental ill-health crisis.

With a background in education, and specialty in health promotion, Sue has passionately advocated for improving the nation’s health and well being all throughout her career. Sue is now supporting NSW Health roll out its $90 million Towards Zero Suicides initiatives.